Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Solutions 5.0 Training for Certified Professionals (TRNN0124)

Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Solutions 5.0 Training for Certified Professionals (TRNN0124)


Duration: 2 days

TrendMicro™ TippingPoint® Security Solutions 5.0 Training for CertifiedProfessionals is a two-day, instructor-led training course that teaches theconcepts and best practices necessary for installation, configuration, securitymanagement, and system administration of Trend Micro TippingPoint solutions.Through interactive lectures and hands-on activities, students will learn toimplement the inspection device and the Security Management System (SMS).

Taughtby Trend Micro certified trainers, this course incorporates a variety ofhands-on lab exercises, allowing participants to put the lesson content intoaction.


Upon completion of this course, students will acquire knowledge of the Trend Micro TippingPoint solutions including:

  • Administrative tasks and management
  • Inspection device setup and configuration
  • SMS setup and configuration
  • Deployment architecture and deployments
  • Administrative best practices
  • Use cases

Course Outline

1. Inspection Device Management

  • TippingPoint solutions overview
  • Inspection device out-of-box experience (OBE)
  • Introduction of local security manager (LSM)

2. SMS Management

  • SMS setup and OBE
  • Install the SMS client
  • Manage inspection device with SMS
  • View events in SMS
  • Generate and view reports in SMS

3. Advanced Inspection Device Management

  • Discuss network segments and ports
  • Discuss intrusion prevention system (IPS) segment concepts (Layer 2 Fallback (L2FB) configuration and link down synchronization)
  • Zero power high availability (ZPHA)
  • Discuss terms of service (TOS) versioning and updating

4. Basic Security Policies

  • Discuss the Trend Micro™ TippingPoint® Digital Vaccine® package
  • Threat management center (TMC) provided resources
  • Assess vulnerabilities using Trend Micro™ TippingPoint® ThreatLinQ
  • Tuning a profile to meet specific needs

5. Profile Management

  • Discuss action sets
  • Policy by direction use case
  • Profile versioning, rollback, and auditing
  • Managing multiple profiles

6. Advanced Security Policies

  • Differentiate between flow based and non flow based filters
  • Summarize the inspection device architecture
  • Perform traffic management techniques to obtain desired results
  • Explain quarantine methods to secure a network

7. Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (EVR)

  • Introduce EVR
  • Perform an EVR scan
  • Tune profile based on scan results

8. Maintenance and Performance

  • Performing daily maintenance tasks
  • Discuss automatic optimization
  • Discuss manual optimization
Trend Micro Certified Professional for TippingPoint.

Before you take this course, Trend Micro recommends that you have:

  • A working knowledge of their products and services, as well as basic networking concepts and principles.
  • Completed the Trend Micro TippingPoint Essentials (modular web-based training) or have equivalent hands-on experience using TippingPoint solutions.


You should also have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Data center networking implementation and management practices
  • Experience with network security practices
  • General knowledge of network and security management tools
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