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PLM305 - Managing Technical Objects


Duration: 3 days
  • Explain, in detail, object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service area, which form the backbone for processing maintenance and service measures.
  • Confidently configure all necessary settings for enablement of EAM processes




Functional Locations

  • Structuring Functional Locations
  • Creating Functional Locations
  • Transferring Data
  • Describing Additional Functions and Enhancements for Functional Locations
  • Defining Alternative Labelling
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Functional Locations

Linear Asset Management

  • Structuring Linear Assets
  • Structuring Object Networks
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Linear Assets


  • Structuring Equipment
  • Defining Equipment Categories
  • Applying Status Management
  • Assigning Partners and Addresses
  • Defining and Configuring Warranties
  • Integrating Asset Accounting into SAP Enterprise Asset Management
  • Performing a Configuration Check
  • Modifying SAP Standard by Using BAPIs, Customer Exits, and Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)
  • Classifying Equipment
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Equipment

Bills of Material (BOM)

  • Structuring Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for BOM

Serial Numbers

  • Structuring Serial Numbers
  • Performing a Stock Check for Serial Numbers
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Serial Numbers

Measuring Points and Counters

  • Structuring Measuring Points and Counters
  • Executing Measurement Reading Transfers and Counter Replacements
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Measuring Points and Counters

Vehicles and Pool Asset Management

  • Managing Vehicles and Pool Assets
  • Summarizing Customizing Settings for Pool Asset Management


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program / Project Manager



  • PLM300/PL300e Business Processes in Plant Maintenance, or PLM301 Business Processes in Customer Service


  • SAP01/SAP01e



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