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ADM940 - SAP Authorization Concept - ABAP


Duration: 3 days
Course Overview


  • Learn about the elements, strategies, and tools of the SAP authorization concept
  • Create and assign authorizations using the Role Administration / Profile Generator
  • Learn about the principle usage of the NetWeaver Identity Management and Central User Administration (CUA)


Course Objectives


Course Content


  • Describing Authorization

Authorization Concepts for Compliant Identity Management

  • Designing Authorization for an AS ABAP-Based System
  • Implementing Authorization for an AS ABAP-Based System

Authorization Terminology

  • Defining the Authorization Elements and Terms
  • Checking Authorizations in ABAP Systems

User Maintenance

  • Maintaining User Data

Basic Role Maintenance

  • Defining a Role
  • Defining Authorizations in a Role
  • Defining Customizing Roles
  • Creating Composite Roles
  • Creating Reference and Derived Roles
  • Maintaining Roles for SAP NetWeaver Business Client

Advanced Role Maintenance

  • Applying the Special Functions of Authorization Maintenance
  • Defining Authorizations for a System User

Authorization Environment Configuration

  • Installing and Upgrading Role Maintenance
  • Configuring Role Maintenance
  • Defining System Settings
  • Analyzing Missing Authorizations
  • Transporting Authorizations

Integration of Authorization Systems into an Organization's Landscape

  • Creating Users with the Central User Administration (CUA)
  • Migrating the CUA into SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (ID Management)
  • Identifying Non-Standard Authorization Concepts in the SAP Business Suite
  • Integrating Authorization Assignments with Organizational Management

SAP Systems for Identity Management

  • Identifying Different User Sources
  • Describing SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (ID Management)
  • Planning SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC)
  • Describing Compliant Identity Management (CIM)


Who Should Attend

  • Program / Project Manager
  • System Architect
  • System Administrator




  • SAPTEC or SAP01


  • Basic or advanced courses in at least one application area


Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:

C_AUDSEC_731 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Authorization and Auditing for NetWeaver 7.31


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