Sales Processing in SAP ERP

Sales Processing in SAP ERP


Course Overview

Course Duration: 5 Days

Gain a detailed knowledge of using the functions and customizing settings in sales.


Course Objectives
Course Content

Introduction to the Sales and Distribution Process

  • Processing Sales Documents

Enterprise Structures in Sales and Distribution

  • Setting Up Enterprise Structures

Sales Order Processing

  • Identifying Sources of Document Data
  • Using Additional Functions During Sales Order Processing

Sales Document Customizing

  • Controlling Sales Processes
  • Defining Sales Document Types
  • Applying Item Categories
  • Interpreting the Item Category Determination
  • Using Bills of Material in Sales Documents
  • Applying Schedule Line Categories
  • Interpreting the Schedule Line Category Determination

Data Flow

  • Interpreting the Document Flow of Sales Processes
  • Setting Up the Copying Control

Special Business Processes

  • Executing Special Business Processes

Incomplete Documents

  • Handling Incomplete Documents
  • Setting Up an Incompletion Procedure

Business Partners

  • Using Partner Functions in Sales and Distribution Processes
  • Setting Up Partner Determination Procedures

Outline Agreements

  • Using Different Types of Outline Agreements
  • Interpreting the Set-Up of Value Contracts
  • Setting Up Specific Contract Data

Material Determination

  • Setting Up Material Determination

Material Listing and Exclusion

  • Setting Up Master Data for Material Listing / Exclusion

Free Goods

  • Setting Up the Determination of Free Goods

Sales Scenarios

  • Setting Up a Cash Sales Scenario
  • Controlling the Usage of Bills of Material in a Sales Order
  • Setting Up a Material Determination Scenario
Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:



  • SCM600 Business Processes in Sales Order Management


  • None
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