Business Processes in SAP Project Systems

Business Processes in SAP Project Systems


Course Overview

Course Duration: 5 Days

This course introduces the key business processes within the SAP Project Systems application and is the mandatory prerequisite for all subsequent PS training. Through instructor lectures and demonstrations balanced with extensive system exercises you will gain a thorough understanding of how SAP PS can support the management of projects within your organization.


Course Objectives
Course Content

Project Management with SAP Project Systems

  • Describing Project Management with SAP Project Systems (SAP PS)

Project Structures

  • Outlining Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Creating Work Breakdown Structures
  • Outlining Networks
  • Creating Networks
  • Applying Documents, Milestones, and Mass Change
  • Exporting and Importing Projects


  • Outlining Reporting Options in the SAP Project System
  • Analyzing Projects with the Structure Information System
  • Analyzing Projects with Financial Reports
  • Executing Cost Object Summarization
  • Describing Report Options in SAP Business Client

Project Plans

  • Checking Projects with the Project Planning Board
  • Planning Dates for WBS Elements
  • Scheduling Networks
  • Planning Resources with Networks
  • Generating Requirements for Externally Processed Activities
  • Scheduling Multiple Resources (MRSs)
  • Planning Materials with Networks
  • Planning Costs for WBS
  • Planning Costs for Networks
  • Planning Revenue for Projects

Project Budgets

  • Budgeting Projects
  • Integrating Investment Management with SAP Project Systems

Project Execution

  • Entering Actual Dates for WBS Elements
  • Confirming Actual Dates for Networks
  • Posting Documents to WBS Elements with Execution Services
  • Creating Claims for Projects
  • Posting Documents to Networks
  • Billing Projects with Milestone Billing

Period-End Closing

  • Outlining Period-End Closing
  • Executing Period-End Closing Procedures

Extended Usability for SAP Project Systems

  • Activating Tools for Project Systems Management
  • Administering Large Projects
  • Tracking Projects
Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:



  • SAP129 (This course is not required if you have completed the SAP01 or SAP01E)


  • SAP01 or SAP01E
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