Programming in SAP HCM

Programming in SAP HCM


Duration: 5 days
Course Overview


  • Program HCM reports using logical databases and HCM-specific statements
  • Enhance infotypes and create customer-specific infotypes
  • Create subroutines for use in dynamic actions


Course Objectives
Course Content

  • Modify standard evaluation programs to meet customer requirements
  • Enhance source code to include HCM-specific macros and function modules
  • Read and process the cluster directory
  • Import and export data using macros and buffers
  • Utilize Joins to link infotypes and subtypes
  • Utilize the IF Query
  • Process infotypes with repetitive structures
  • Create and assign customer report classes
  • Utilize logical selection intervals to improve runtime performance of a report
  • Use check and control tables
  • Identify structure parameters and set structure conditions
  • Maintain evaluation paths
  • Program structural evaluations
  • Create and Enhance infotypes
  • Call subroutines using dynamic actions
Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:



  • BC400 - ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • HR050 or HR050E


  • HR305 – Master Data Configuration
  • HR505 – Organizational Management
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