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Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving and highly volatile space in the contemporary world. Packed with fascinating possibilities, this is a domain that is waiting to explode into the world any moment now. To face the various emerging threats in the cyberworld, we need to prepare ourselves with adequate knowledge and expertise; the Rocheston cybersecurity certifications will enable you to become certified specialists in the various fields within the budding discipline of cybersecurity. At Rocheston, we take an innovative approach towards cybersecurity. Rocheston offers two levels of Extreme Hacking Training. Level 1 covers the foundation of hacking technologies and Level 2 covers advanced futuristic hacking stuff. Extreme Hacking® training prepares students for the elite and most sought after RCCE® certification.

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Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer - Level 1
The RCCE® Level 1 course will delve into the basics of cybersecurity and gain an insight into foundation of hacking technologies & tools.
Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer - Level 2
The RCCE Level 2 program covers advanced futuristic hacking stuff such as advanced blockchain exploits, quantum computing and cryptography, ...