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JB373 - Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0 for Developers


Duration: 4 days

Many organizations are interested in undergoing a digital transformation from traditional applications to process-driven applications. With Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0, Red Hat has introduced solutions to empower developers to create and manage business rules and processes in a low-code environment.


  • Author business rules with decision tables and DRL. 
  • Navigate and manage projects with the Decision Manager and Process Automation user interfaces. 
  • Develop business processes. 
  • Design forms with Form Modeler. 
  • Design and run a case management project.


1. Introduction to Red Hat Decision Manager
Describe process-driven applications and Decision Manager basics.

2. Write decisions and rules
Author business rules and configure local development environment.

3. Introduction to Red Hat Process Automation Manager
Understand environment setup, create a project, and import assets for Process Automation Manager.

4. Process modeling with Process Automation Manager
Learn data objects and process design, as well as how to design forms with Form Modeler.

5. Case management with Process Automation Manager
Design and run a case management project.


This course is designed for developers who are interested in adapting to a more modern approach by developing process-driven applications.


  • Possess basic Java EE developer skills 
  • Have experience with integrated development environments like Red Hat® Developer Studio 
  • Having a basic understanding of business rules and processes is recommended, but not required


Red Hat Certified Specialist in Business Rules Exam-EX465


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