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JB371 - Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0 for Business Users


Duration: 2 days
Many organizations are interested in undergoing a digital transformation from traditional applications to process-driven applications. With Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0, Red Hat has introduced solutions to empower business users to develop and manage business rules and processes in a low-code environment.


  • Author decision tables. 
  • Navigate the user interface for Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager. 
  • Develop business processes with Business Central. 
  • Design forms with Form Modeler. 
  • Navigate and test a case management project.


1. Introduction to Red Hat Decision Manager
Describe process-driven applications and Decision Manager basics.

2. Write decisions and rules
Understand decision table authoring.

3. Introduction to Red Hat Process Automation Manager
Gain familiarity with Business Central and Process Server, as well as Process Automation Manager environment setup.

4. Process modeling with Process Automation Manager
Learn about data objects and process design, as well as how to design forms with Form Modeler.

5. Case management with Process Automation Manager
Walk through an overview of case project navigation.


This course is designed for business analysts who want to learn how to use Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager to directly impact application decisions and processes and help their organizations improve time to market and general agility.


  • Possess a basic understanding of data structures such as tables and their relationships 
  • Be capable of working with spreadsheets 
  • Having a basic understanding of business rules and processes is helpful


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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