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CL315 - RabbitMQ Messaging with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform


This course is designed for system administrators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators who intend to implement RabbitMQ as a stand-alone service or as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. This course is part of the emerging technology series of courses from Red Hat. Emerging technology courses are feature- and functionality-focused and are conducted like guided labs.


  • Implement the RabbitMQ messaging service
  • Secure RabbitMQ using SASL and SSL
  • Use exchanges and queues for messaging
  • Implement RabbitMQ in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  • Troubleshoot RabbitMQ
  • Implement RabbitMQ with high availability
  • Performance tuning RabbitMQ


1. Course introduction

2. Implementing the RabbitMQ messaging service

  • InstallRabbitMQ and secure Qpid using SASL and SSL.

3. Queueingwith RabbitMQ

  • Discussmessage workflow in RabbitMQ.

4. Implementing RabbitMQ in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

  • ConfigureRabbitMQ as a message broker for the Cinder block storage service.

5. TroubleshootingRabbitMQ

  • TroubleshootRabbitMQ internal workflows with an OpenStack service.

6. ImplementingRabbitMQ with high availability

  • Configure high availability on RabbitMQ.

7. Performance tuning for RabbitMQ

  • Measure and tune RabbitMQ.


  • Linux system administrators

  • Cloud administrators

  • Cloud operators


  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack (EX210) certification or equivalent experience
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or equivalent experience
  • Note: Candidates that have not earned their RHCSA can confirm skill knowledge by passing the online skills assessment


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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