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Neutron Networking with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform


In this course, you will learn how to implement a network with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform or Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform networking. This course provides a deeper dive into Neutron networking than our Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) course.


Course Objectives

  • Overview of Neutron architecture
  • Deploy Open vSwitch and Linux bridge
  • Use network namespaces and virtual devices
  • Install Neutron networking
  • Deploy L2 services
  • Deploy DHCP agents
  • Deploy L3 agents


Course Content

  • Introduction to networking and OpenStack fundamentals

  • Define OpenStack architecture and network protocols related to software-defined networks (SDN)

  • Introduction to Linux networking fundamentals

  • Review Linux system administration networking concepts

  • Deploy virtual bridges

  • Install and manage Linux bridges and Open vSwitch

  • Deploy virtual network devices and implementing namespaces

  • Create tap devices, Virtual Ethernet (vEth) devices, and network namespaces.

  • Implement a virtual router

  • Introduction to Neutron architecture

  • Define Neutron architecture

  • Implement and use the Neutron server

  • Implement and use the Neutron L2 services

  • Implement and use the Neutron DHCP agent

  • Implement and use the Neutron L3 agent


Who Should Attend

  • Linux system administrators and cloud administrators interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private cloud

  • RHCSA certification or requisite level of knowledge is highly recommended



Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) I or equivalent experience w/ OpenStack


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