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CL210 - Red Hat OpenStack Administration II


Duration: 4 days

Learn how to deploy and manage a private cloud with Red Hat OpenStack.

In this course system administrators will learn how to implement a cloud computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack, including installation, configuration, and maintenance. Through hands-on labs, you will explore fault-tolerant and redundant configurations of Red Hat OpenStack, and you will look at the future plans of the OpenStack development community.


  • Install Red Hat OpenStack using Packstack
  • Use Horizon to manage Red Hat OpenStack
  • Manage Keystone, Glance, nova, nova network, and Cinder
  • Provide redundancy for each service


Linux system administrators and cloud administrators interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private cloud.


1. Red Hat OpenStack Features and Terminology

2. Practice Installing:

  • Red Hat OpenStack using Packstack on a single machine
  • Keystone authentication services
  • Nova compute node and nova network
  • Glance image service
  • Cinder volume service.

3. Future Direction of Red Hat OpenStack

4. Installing and Managing Red Hat OpenStack


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or requisite level of knowledge is highly recommended.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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