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CL210 - Red Hat OpenStack Administration II


Duration: 4 days

Learn how to deploy and manage a private cloud with Red Hat OpenStack.

In this course system administrators will learn how to implement a cloud computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack, including installation, configuration, and maintenance. Through hands-on labs, you will explore fault-tolerant and redundant configurations of Red Hat OpenStack, and you will look at the future plans of the OpenStack development community.


  • Install Red Hat OpenStack using Packstack
  • Use Horizon to manage Red Hat OpenStack
  • Manage Keystone, Glance, nova, nova network, and Cinder
  • Provide redundancy for each service


1. Red Hat OpenStack Features and Terminology

2. Practice Installing:

  • Red Hat OpenStack using Packstack on a single machine
  • Keystone authentication services
  • Nova compute node and nova network
  • Glance image service
  • Cinder volume service.

3. Future Direction of Red Hat OpenStack

4. Installing and Managing Red Hat OpenStack


Linux system administrators and cloud administrators interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private cloud.


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or requisite level of knowledge is highly recommended.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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