(CL110) Hat OpenStack Administration I

(CL110) Hat OpenStack Administration I


Duration: 4 Days

This course will teach studentsto install a proof-of-concept, configure, use, and maintain RedHat OpenStackPlatform. This course covers the core services: identity (Keystone), blockstorage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), compute and controller(Noa), and dashboard (Horizon).




Course Objectives
Course Content

  • Course introduction

  • Launch an instance

  • Manage projects and users

  • Manage project quotas

  • Manage flavours

  • Manage images

  • Manage networks

  • Manage floating IP addresses

  • Manage block storage

  • Manage security and access

  • Manage instances

  • Install OpenStack

  • Manage the Keystone identity service

  • Prepare to launch instances with the command-line interface

  • Manage instances with the command-line interface

  • Manage block storage with the command line interface

  • Comprehensive review of RedHat OpenStack Administration I

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Redhat Enterprise Linux certification or equivalent experience
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