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D76021 - Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers


Duration: 2 days
In the Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers Ed 1 course, you will learn how to use the Oracle NoSQL Database developer APIs for Java. You will also discover how to access the KVStore from a Java application to store and manipulate data in a KVStore.
Learn To:
  • Understand the key concepts of the NoSQL technology and when to use the Oracle NoSQL Database versus an RDBMS.
  • Learn to design the schema for a Java application using a table based approach as well as a key value pair approach.
  • Learn to create the code for storing, manipulating and deleting data stored in a KVStore.
  • Handle exceptions and implement security, consistency, and durability policies for the KVStore and an application.
Benefits To You
You will identify the features and benefits of the Oracle NoSQL Database and will discover why and how Oracle NoSQL Database is used to store data, generally Big Data.


  • Encrypt data and create consistency and durability policies according to application requirements
  • Design a schema for Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Use Oracle NoSQL Database APIs in an application to create, retrieve, and update data in a KVStore


  • Course Introduction
  • Big Data and NoSQL Overview
  • Oracle NoSQL Database: Overview
  • Schema Design
  • Application Specific Requirements
  • Creating Tables
  • Writing Data To Tables
  • Retrieving Table Data
  • Manipulating Data Stored in Key-Value Model
  • Configuring Consistency
  • Configuring Durability
  • Creating Transactions
  • Handling Large Objects
  • Accessing a Secure Store
  • Handling Exceptions




Suggested Prerequisite
  • Understanding Big Data 
  • Relational Database Concepts 
Required Prerequisite
  • Java fundamental programming


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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