Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Advanced Integration and Development (D87557)

Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Advanced Integration and Development (D87557)


Duration: 3 days

This Oracle Data Integrator course covers advanced techniques for using Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI). You learn how to implement high-performance movement and transformation of data among various platforms.

Learn how to:

  • Develop and customize Knowledge Modules with substitution methods and Java
  • Perform data integration and transformation among various platforms using advance techniques
  • Design advanced ODI mappings, procedures, and packages to perform EL-T data transformations
  • Use variables to create reusable packages
  • Automate ODI tasks by using the Groovy script editor
  • Extract data from different types of complex file
  • Use ODI web services and perform integration of ODI in an enterprise environment and SOA
  • Set up ODI security by implementing a strongly secured approach with non-generic profiles and external user authentication
  • Implement integration strategies with ODI by using best practices and an example using GoldenGate
  • Create and populate cubes and dimensions


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Describe GoldenGate integration
  • Design advanced integration mappings
  • Automate ODI tasks using Groovy
  • Enhance ODI security with strongly secured approach
  • Expose ODI scenarios as web services
  • Integrate ODI in enterprise environment and SOA
  • Describe best practices for implementing integration strategies
  • Describe various ODI integration patterns
  • Develop and enhance Knowledge Modules
  • Describe BigData support
Module 1: Developing ODI Knowledge Modules

Module 2: Designing Advanced Integration Mappings

Module 3: Using Variables

Module 4: Using Groovy in ODI

Module 5: Using Complex Files

Module 6: Enhancing ODI Security

Module 7: Integration of ODI in Enterprise Environment

Module 8: Integration of ODI in SOA

Module 9: Choosing Integration Strategies: Best Practices

Module 10: Managing Object Versions

 Module 11: ODI and Big Data

Module 12: ODI and Oracle GoldenGate
  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Integration and Administration
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