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Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration (D81246)


Duration: 4 days

This Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration training will explore general cluster concepts and Oracle Clusterware architecture. Work with expert Oracle University instructors through interactive instruction and hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning.In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.

Learn To:

  • Perform Grid Infrastructure pre-installation tasks.
  • Install both Standard and Flex clusters.
  • Add and remove nodes from a cluster in addition to upgrading and patching existing Grid Homes.
  • Manage and administer both Standard Clusters and Policy-Managed Clusters.
  • Use Oracle Clusterware to make applications highly available.
  • Gain an understanding of the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Configure ASM disk groups
  • Perform the prerequisite steps for extending a cluster
  • Delete a node from a cluster
  • Explain the principles and purposes of clusters
  • Understand the scope and capabilities of what-if command evaluation
  • Perform the different types of what-if command evaluation
  • Install Grid Infrastructure for Standard and Flex clusters
  • Add a Leaf node and a Hub node to a Flex cluster
  • Understand Flex Clusters architecture and components
  • Understand effect of node failure in Flex Clusters
  • Verify the installation
  • Describe Cluster hardware best practices
  • Describe the Oracle Clusterware architecture
  • Describe Clusterware architecture
  • Install and configure Flex Clusters
  • Gain an understanding of the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service


Module 1: Introduction to Grid Infrastructure

Module 2: Oracle Clusterware Architecture

Module 3: Flex Cluster Architecture

Module 4: Grid Infrastructure Pre-Installation Tasks

Module 5: Installing Grid Infrastructure

Module 6: Managing Cluster Nodes

Module 7: Traditional Clusterware Management

Module 8: Policy-Based Cluster Management

Module 9: Patching Grid Infrastructure

Module 10: Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware

Module 11: Making Applications Highly Available

Module 12: Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service Overview


Who Should Attend
  • Database Administrators
  • Administrator


  • Working knowledge of Oracle Database 11g: Release 2 on Linux Operating System

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of Oracle Clusterware, ASM & RAC on Linux
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Clusterware and ASM – Release 2
  • Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration Release 2




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