Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I (D50102)

Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I (D50102)


Duration: 5 days

This Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Release 2 course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration. Expert Oracle University instructors will reinforce topics with structured hands-on practices that will prepare you for the corresponding Oracle Certified Associate exam.

Learn To:

  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure.
  • Create and manage users.
  • Install and configure an Oracle Database.
  • Create and manage storage structures.
  • Administer the Oracle Database.
  • Understand the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another.
  • Perform backup and recovery.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Install and configure Oracle Database 11g
  • Configure Oracle Net services
  • Monitor and administer undo data
  • Manage the database storage structures
  • Create and administer user accounts
  • Perform basic backup and recovery of a database
  • Manage data concurrency
  • Monitor performance
  • Describe Oracle Database Architecture
Module 1: Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

Module 2: Installing your Oracle Software

Module 3: Creating an Oracle Database

Module 4: Managing the Oracle Database Instance

Module 5: Manage the ASM Instance

Module 6: Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Module 7: Managing Database Storage Structures

Module 8: Administering User Security

Module 9: Managing Data Concurrency

Module 10: Managing Undo Data

Module 11: Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Module 12: Database Maintenance

Module 13: Performance Management

Module 14: Backup and Recovery Concepts

Module 15: Performing Database Backups

Module 16: Performing Database Recovery

Module 17: Moving Data

Module 18: Working with Support
  • Taken Oracle Introduction to SQL course or equivalent experience
  • Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Taken Oracle PL/SQL course or equivalent experience
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