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UNCMMAZ - Using NetApp Cloud Manager in Microsoft Azure


Duration: 3 days

This training shows you how to implement a hybrid cloud solution in Microsoft Azure by using your data fabric powered by NetAppĀ®. You learn how to connect an Azure virtual cloud environment and on-premises data centers. You receive hands-on experience with the deployment of NetApp Cloud Manager and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. You use Cloud Manager to move and manage storage in the cloud. You also learn how to tier data to object storage in Azure. You look closely at some cloud data services that are integrated into Cloud Manager. Finally, you learn how to use Cloud Volumes ONTAP as persistent storage for Kubernetes containers. 


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the data fabric.
  • Explain the functionality of cloud data services.
  • Configure a Microsoft Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and connect it to an on-premises data center using a VPN Internet Protocol Security
  • Describe Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture.
  • Install Cloud Manager and deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
  • Learn some basic administrative tasks using Cloud Manager.
  • Replicate data between a NetApp ONTAP system in on-premises and Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery.
  • Use data tiering to Microsoft Azure Blob storage for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
  • Learn about some cloud data services like NetApp Cloud Compliance service and NetApp Cloud Backup Service that are integrated into Cloud Manager.
  • Learn how to use Cloud Volumes ONTAP as persistent storage for Kubernetes containers.
  • Explain the performance and sizing options for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.






  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP fundamentals
  • General understanding of Microsoft Azure architecture


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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