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Element Software Administration


Duration: 2 days

This two-day, instructor-led course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration of a NetApp Element software cluster in a SolidFire system. You configure and maintain a cluster. You practice working with Element software features, using the Element CLI and web UI to manage storage and network resources.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:
  • Identify the basic hardware components of an Element cluster
  • Complete the configuration steps for a new Element cluster
  • Perform basic system administration tasks from the Element UI
  • Identify the Element data replication features for backup and recovery
  • Monitor the health and performance of an Element cluster
  • Use the Element API to perform basic system administration tasks


Course Outline

Module 1: System Overview and Configuration

  • SolidFire hardware

  • NetApp HCI hardware

  • SolidFire Networking

  • Storage Architecture

  • Cluster Setup

Module 2: System Management

  • Web-based element UI

  • NetApp SolidFire VCP

  • Element API

Module 3: Access Control

  • Accounts

  • Quality of service

  • Volumes

  • Modifying and deleting volumes

  • Volume access and authentication

Module 4: Host Access

  • Microsoft windows

  • Windows best practices

  • VMware vSphere

  • VMware vSphere best practices

Module 5: Data Protection

  • Snapshots

  • Cloning

  • Pairing

  • SnapMirror

Module 6: Monitoring, Reporting and Active IQ

  • Event log and alerts

  • Support bundles

  • Active IQ

  • Software upgrades

Appendix A: Windows Best Practices

Appendix B: VMware vSphere Best Practices

Appendix C: Linux


  • Creating the cluster

  • Using the Element UI to manage storage systems

  • Creating cluster administrator and tenant accounts

  • Creating and managing volumes

  • Creating volume access groups

  • Connecting host initiators with Element UI

  • Connecting host initiators with the Element API

  • Using the vCenter plug-in to manage SolidFire storage

  • Configuring data protection

  • Configuring Element data protection with ONTAP

  • Monitor system faults

  • Quality of service (optional)

  • Using the Element API and Python SDK on a Windows system to optimize cluster performance


Element Administration is an intermediate course in a comprehensive learning path for NetApp customers, partners, and employees.


Element Fundamentals (Web-based training [WBT])



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