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EXCLUSIVE  Implementation and Configuration of the AltaVault Appliance (ALTAVAULT)

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In this course you will learn how to deploy, configure, manage, backup and restore the AltaVault Appliance. Using encryption you can safely and transmit your data from on-premise to the cloud. Through the use of Amazon Snowball, you will also learn how to seed large amounts of data into an Amazon cloud environment without using the internet.


  • Describe how NetApp AltaVault software fits into the NetApp vision for NetApp’s cloud and Data Fabric strategy
  • Identify supported AltaVault platforms
  • Deploy AltaVault
  • Configure AltaVault
  • Perform cloud migration
  • Recover Data using AltaVault


Module 1: AltaVault Overview
  • AltaVault and Hybrid Cloud
  • Data Fabric
  • AltaVault Configurations
  • Key components needed for backup
  • Security
Module 2: AltaVault Installation
  • AltaVault Virtual Appliance requirements
  • Virtual Appliance platforms
  • Best practices for installation
  • Install the AltaVault Virtual Appliance
Module 3: Configuration Wizard
  • Basic AltaVault configuration
  • Network and timezone settings
  • Cloud settings and encryption key
  • Export AltaVault configuration
  • Import a previously saved configuration
Module 4: Storage Settings
  • Reconfigure cloud settings
  • Configure SMB for Windows
  • Configure NFS for Unix
  • Configure OST for Symantic NetBackup
  • Implement NetApp SnapMirror
Module 5: Networking
  • General host settings
  • Configure data interfaces
  • Create virtual interfaces
  • Implement VLANs
Module 6: System Administration
  • Setting Announcements
  • Configure alarm settings
  • Configure SNMP
  • Send email alerts
  • Configure logging
Module 7: Security
  • Configure general security settings
  • Manage user permissions
  • Configure RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Unlock the secure vault
  • Configure web settings
  • Configure monitoring
  • Set management ACLs
  • Configure SSH access
Module 8: FIPS Compliance
  • Overview
  • AltaVault for FIPS configuration
  • Manage KMIP configuration
  • Disable FIPS
  • Verify FIPS mode
  • Manage FIPS with CLI
Module 9: Management Tasks
  • Stopping and starting AltaVault
  • Schedule jobs
  • Manage licenses
  • Upgrading
  • Shutdown and reboot
  • Current user settings
  • Manage configuration files
Module 10: Report and Logs
  • Navigate report layouts
  • Available reports
  • User and system logs
Module 11: Amazon Snowball
  • Overview of Amazon Snowball
  • Prerequisites
  • Seed data into Amazon cloud using Snowball
Module 12: Data Migration
  • Perform cloud migrations
Module 13: Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and restore configurations
  • Recover data from a different AltaVault
Module 14: Hardware Maintenance
  • Physical Appliance specifications
  • RAID configuration
  • Field replaceable components


  • NetApp Partners
  • NetApp Customers
  • Engineers


Familiar with NetApp ONTAP Software and hybrid cloud environments


This course is not associated with any certification.


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