Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SAP NetWeaver on Azure (40519G)

Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SAP NetWeaver on Azure (40519G)


Duration : 1 Day

In this workshop you will learn to deploy and configure SAP on Azure infrastructure and SAP NetWeaver deployment running on Azure infrastructure, including SAP NetWeaver ASCS and SAP NetWeaver database servers. Key takeaways are the Azure infrastructure solution components and the way they are put together to run SAP applications as well as the Solution architecture references.


At the end of this workshop, you will be better able to design and deploy SAP running on Azure infrastructure as a service components and understand proper configuration of SAP NetWeaver ASCS, database and application servers in Azure.

Course Outline

Module 1: Whiteboard Design Session - SAP on Azure


  • Review the customer case study
  • Call to action: design a proof of concept solution
  • Call to action: present the solution

Module 2: Hackathon - SAP on Azure


  • Deploy the SAP on Azure infrastructure components
  • Configure the SAP NetWeaver ASCS servers (Part 1)
  • Configure SAP NetWeaver database servers
  • Configure SAP NetWeaver Application servers

Workshop content presumes 300-level of architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design. We suggest students take this prerequisite prior to attending this workshop:

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