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ITILPPO - ITIL Capability: Planning, Protection & Optimization


Duration: 5 days
The Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO) module is one of the certifications in the ITIL® Service Capability work stream. The module focuses on the practical application of PPO practices in order enable capacity, availability, IT service continuity, information security and demand management. The content of the course is based mainly on the best practice guidance contained in the ITIL Service Design publication. The PPO course is designed to develop organizations’ and individuals’ understanding of the ITIL Service Design processes. It can help ensure that new and updated services, service management systems and tools, technology architecture, processes and measurement systems, methods and metrics are designed to meet user needs and will require little further change once introduced.


Candidates can expect to gain competencies in the following areas upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification:
  • Service design in PPO and lifecycle context
  • Processes across the service lifecycle pertaining to the practice elements within planning, protection and optimization
  • Capacity management as a capability to realize successful service design 
  • Availability management as a capability to realize successful service design
  • IT service continuity management as a capability to support overall business continuity management
  • Information security management as part of the overall corporate governance framework
  • Planning, protection and optimization roles and responsibilities 
  • Technology and implementation considerations
  • Organizational roles relevant to PPO
And specifically in the following key ITIL process and role areas:
  • Capacity management 
  • Availability management 
  • IT service continuity management 
  • Information security management
  • Demand management 
  • Challenges, critical success factors and risks for planning, protection and optimization


The Planning, Protection and Optimization qualification would suit candidates in the following IT professions or areas:
  • Capacity Manager 
  • Availability Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Security Administrator
  • Applications Support
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Network Control and Operation
  • Network Support 
  • Business Continuity Manager 
  • Security Manager
  • Service Portfolio Manager 
  • Supplier Relationship Manager


  • Module 1: Introduction to planning, protection and optimization Learning Unit
  • Module 2: Capacity management
  • Module 3: Availability management
  • Module 4: IT service continuity management (ITSCM)
  • Module 5: Information security management
  • Module 6: Demand management
  • Module 7: Planning, protection and optimization roles and responsibilities
  • Module 8: Technology and implementation considerations


Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management which must be presented as documentary evidence to gain admission

Candidates who hold the following ITIL qualifications are also eligible, and similar evidence will be required:
  • Earlier ITIL (V2) Foundation plus Foundation Bridge
  • ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management (achieved via Service Manager or Practitioner bridging routes). 
It is recommended that candidates:
  • Can demonstrate familiarity with IT terminology and understand the context of planning, protection and optimization management in their business environment.
  • Have exposure to working in a service management capacity within a service provider environment, and have responsibility for at least one of the following management processes: 
                • Capacity management
                • Availability management
                • IT service continuity management
                • Information security management
                • Demand management



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