ITIL Capability: Service Offerings & Agreements (ITILSOA)

ITIL Capability: Service Offerings & Agreements (ITILSOA)


Duration: 5 days
The Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) module is one of the certifications in the ITIL® Service Capability work stream. The module focuses on the practical application of SOA practices in order to enable portfolio, service level, service catalogue, demand, supplier and financial management.

The content of the course is based mainly on the best practice guidance contained in the ITIL Service Strategy and ITIL Service Design publications.

The SOA course is designed to help organizations and individuals understand how the five stages of the ITIL lifecycle (service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement) can offer value to organizations and projects. It also provides guidance on how service offerings can be developed to support both business and user needs.


  • Overview of SOA processes and basic principles •The value to the business of SOA activities
  • How the SOA processes rely on a good business case
  • How the SOA processes rely on a good understanding of return on investment (ROI) 
  • Processes across the service lifecycle pertaining to the service offerings and agreements curriculum:
        • Service portfolio management, which provides documentation for         services and prospective services in business terms
        • Service catalogue management, which is concerned with the         production and documentation of the service catalogue from a business         and a technical viewpoint
        • Service level management, which sets up a service level agreement         (SLA) structure and ensures that all SLAs have an underpinning support         structure in place
       • Demand management, which identifies patterns of business activity to         enable the appropriate strategy to be implemented
        • Supplier management, which ensures all partners and suppliers are         managed in the appropriate way and includes contract management         •Financial management for IT services, which includes ensuring         understanding of the service value and the management of all financial         considerations
        •Business relationship management, which ensures the customer’s
        requirements are correctly identified

  • SOA roles and responsibilities 
  • Technology and implementation considerations 
  • Challenges, critical success factors and risks

Module 1: Introduction to service offerings and agreements (SOA)
Module 2: Service portfolio management
Module 3: Service catalogue management
Module 4: Service level management
Module 5: Demand management
Module 6: Supplier management
Module 7: Financial Management for IT services
Module 8: Business relationship management
Module 9: SOA roles and responsibilities
Module 10: Technology and implementation considerations
Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management which must be presented as documentary evidence to gain admission

Candidates who hold the following ITIL qualifications are also eligible, and similar evidence will be required:
  • Earlier ITIL (V2) Foundation plus Foundation Bridge
  • ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management (achieved via Service Manager or Practitioner bridging routes). It is recommended that candidates: 
     • Can demonstrate familiarity with IT terminology and understand that the         context of service offerings and agreements management within their         own business environment is strongly recommended

     • Have experience of working in the service management capacity within         a service provider environment, with responsibility for at least one of         the following management processes and activities:

        • Service portfolio management
        • Service catalogue management
        • Service level management
        • Demand management
        • Supplier management
        • Financial management for IT services
        • Business relationship management

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