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TN631G - IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis: Scalable Collection Architecture


Duration: 3 days

For enterprise-level environments, IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis needs a reliable and scalable architecture for data collection. In this course, you learn how to install and configure all of the components required for a scalable log collection architecture through lecture and hands-on exercises.


After you complete this course, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Diagram the scalable collection architecture 
  • Install and configure Filebeat 
  • Install and configure HAProxy 
  • Install and configure Logstash receivers 
  • Install and configure Kafka 
  • Configure Logstash senders 
  • Configure Log Analysis data sources 
  • Install and configure the Log File Agent 
  • Support multi-line logs Consolidate physical data sources
  • Troubleshoot the scalable collection architecture


  • Overview 
  • Filebeat, HAProxy, and Logstash receivers 
  • Kafka 
  • Logstash senders and Log Analysis core 
  • Using the Log File Agent 
  • Multiline logs 
  • Log consolidation 
  • Troubleshooting


This course is useful to implementers, administrators, technical sales persons, and any others who need IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis skills.


  • Linux administration skills
  • A working knowledge of IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis
  • Ideally, you should have working knowledge of Logstash, but this is not required


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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