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AN202G - Korn and Bash Shell Programming


Duration: 5 days

This course will teach you how to use shell scripts and utilities for practical system administration of AIX (or other UNIX) operating systems.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Distinguish Korn and bash shell specific features
  • Use utilities such as sed and awk to manipulate data
  • Understand system shell scripts such as shutdown
  • Write useful shell scripts to aid system administration


  • Basic shell concepts
  • Flow control in a shell Script
  • Functions and typeset
  • Shell features such as arithmetic and string handling
  • Using regular expressions
  • Using sed, awk and other AIX utilities


This course is for support staff for AIX on POWER systems


  • An understanding of programming fundamentals: variables, flow control concepts such as repetition decision.
  • A working knowledge of AIX including the use of the vi editor, find and grep commands.

Students without this experience should attend AIX Basics (AN10G)


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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