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WM865G - CICS Command Level Coding


Duration: 5 days

In this course, you learn how to design, code, and debug command-level CICS application programs for e-business or traditional environments. The course applies to the entire family of CICS products.


  • Design and develop application programs for CICS environments
  • Design applications with separate presentation and business logics
  • Describe the purpose of the CICS Clients
  • Code CICS commands
  • Pass and receive control between program modules
  • Describe and compare the CICS COMMAREA and the CICS channel and container interface
  • Prepare programs and run tests, including problem determination and resolution, by using messages and online interactive debugging tools
  • Access and modify Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) files, DB2 databases, temporary storage, and transient data queues
  • Respond to normal and exception conditions from CICS commands
  • Send and receive basic mapping support (BMS) maps


1. Course introduction

2. CICS application programming environment

3. Designing CICS applications

  • Exercise: Introducing Worldwide Books Online

4. CICS command overview

  • Exercise: Using CICS Explorer
  • Exercise: Writing a pseudo conversational echo program

5. Debugging CICS applications

  • Exercise: Debugging applications by using CEDF

6. CICS basic mapping support

  • Exercise: Writing the WB presentation program

7. CICS program-to-program control

  • Exercise: Completing the WB presentation program
  • Exercise: Linking to a CICS program from outside CICS

8. CICS data access

  • Exercise: Completing the WB customer program

9. CICS queues

  • Exercise: Completing the WB order program
  • Exercise: Enhancing the WB application (optional)

10. CICS front-end programming

11. Service flow and event processing

12. CICS web applications

  1. CICS Business Transaction Services
  1. Course summary


This intermediate course is designed for application developers and analysts who design, code, and debug CICS command level applications.


  • Working knowledge of the underlying operating system platforms
  • Basic knowledge of CICS fundamentals as taught in CICS V5 Fundamentals (WM851G)
  • COBOL or PL/I application development skills
  • Basic knowledge of application design and programming


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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