CICS Command Level Coding (WM865G)

CICS Command Level Coding (WM865G)


Duration : 5 Days

In this course, you learn how to design, code, and debug command-level CICS application programs for e-business or traditional environments. The course applies to the entire family of CICS products.


Course Objectives

  • Design and develop application programs for CICS environments
  • Design applications with separate presentation and business logics
  • Describe the purpose of the CICS Clients
  • Code CICS commands
  • Pass and receive control between program modules
  • Describe and compare the CICS COMMAREA and the CICS channel and container interface
  • Prepare programs and run tests, including problem determination and  resolution, by using messages and online interactive debugging tools
  • Access and modify Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) files, DB2 databases, temporary storage, and transient data queues
  • Respond to normal and exception conditions from CICS commands
  • Send and receive basic mapping support (BMS) maps

Course Outline

1. Course introduction

2. CICS application programming environment

3. Designing CICS applications

  • Exercise: Introducing Worldwide Books Online

4. CICS command overview

  • Exercise: Using CICS Explorer
  • Exercise: Writing a pseudo conversational echo program

5. Debugging CICS applications

  • Exercise: Debugging applications by using CEDF

6. CICS basic mapping support

  • Exercise: Writing the WB presentation program

7. CICS program-to-program control

  • Exercise: Completing the WB presentation program
  • Exercise: Linking to a CICS program from outside CICS

8. CICS data access

  • Exercise: Completing the WB customer program

9. CICS queues

  • Exercise: Completing the WB order program
  • Exercise: Enhancing the WB application (optional)

10. CICS front-end programming

11. Service flow and event processing

12. CICS web applications

13. CICS Business Transaction Services

14. Course summary


You should have:

  • Working knowledge of the underlying operating system platforms
  • Basic knowledge of CICS fundamentals as taught in CICS V5 Fundamentals (WM851G)
  • COBOL or PL/I application development skills
  • Basic knowledge of application design and programming
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