CICS V5 CICSPlex System Manager Administration (WM855G)

CICS V5 CICSPlex System Manager Administration (WM855G)


Duration : 4 Days

An updated version of this course is available. For more information, click CICS V5.3 CICSPlex System Manager Administration (WM856G).

This advanced-level course teaches you how to install, configure, and use CICS TS System Manager components and functions.


  • Install CICSPlex System Manager
  • Describe and use the web user interface (WUI) provided by CICSPlex System Manager
  • Configure and define CICSplexes and associated CMAS environments by using the WUI
  • Define and use the CICS Explorer configured with the CMCI connected to a CICSplex
  • Define CICS systems to CICSPlex System Manager by using the WUI and CMCI
  • Manage the operations of a CICSplex of CICS systems by using the WUI and CMCI
  • Create definition records to be used as directives by CICSPlex System Manager applications, such as Workload Manager, real-time analysis, and Monitor Services
  • Use CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM) commands to view and dynamically manage the data that CICSPlex System Manager applications use
  • Use the BAS to create and manage CICS resources through application scopes
  • Use the WUI editor facilities to define WUI views, menus, users, and user groups, and to edit favorites
  • Describe the CPSM API and BATCHREP
  • Describe and implement the CICSPlex SM security facilities
  • Describe how to use the CICS Explorer to deploy a CICS platform and application to the cloud

Course Outline

Course Introduction

1. CICSPlex System Manager installation

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM installation procedure


2. CICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS Explorer

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS Explorer


3. CICSPlex System Manager topology and operations services

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM topology and operations


4. CICSPlex SM WUI customization

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM WUI customization


5. CICSPlex System Manager Workload Manager

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM WLM definitions


6. CICSPlex System Manager RTA and monitoring

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM RTA and monitoring definitions


7. Business Application Services (BAS)

  • Exercise: CICSPlex SM BAS definitions


8. CICSPlex SM miscellaneous topics

  • Exercise: CICSplex SM cloud enablement with platforms


9. Course Summary

You should understand or have previous experience with:

  • Control facilities within CICS TS
  • CICS TS Intersystem facilities
  • CICSPlex System Manager Infrastructure functions, as presented in course CICS V5 CICSPlex System Manager Introduction (WM845G)

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