IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis 1.3 Administration (TN630G)

IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis 1.3 Administration (TN630G)


Duration : 1 Day

Learn how to administer, configure, and maintain IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis. This course includes extensive lab exercises to give you hands-on practice with administration and configuration tasks.


  • Explore IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis 
  • Define the function of an Insight Pack 
  • Start and stop the application 
  • Add data sources 
  • Delete historical data 
  • Navigate the user interface 
  • Use the Generic Annotation Insight Pack
  • Use the DSV tool kit to create an Insight Pack 
  • Generate alerts based on log events 
  • Use product log files to troubleshoot common problems 
  • Tune host and operating system settings 
  • Tune application configuration settings 
  • Back up and restore IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis

Course Outline

1. Overview and Basic Administration Tasks

2. Common configuration tasks

  • Generic Annotation Insight Pack
  • Delimiter separated value toolkit

3. Troubleshooting

4. Alerts

5. Hadoop Integration

6. Performance tuning

7. Backing up and restoring IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis

You should have Linux administration skills.
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