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IBM Spectrum LSF Advanced Administration and Configuration for Linux (H023G)

IBM Spectrum LSF Advanced Administration and Configuration for Linux (H023G)


Duration : 3 Days

This course teaches IBM Platform LSF 10.1 version.
The course is designed to extend the system administrator's knowledge to include advanced LSF functionality and commands to configure and manipulate site-specific resources and enhance the current cluster design. The workshops provide valuable experience with the gathering of site-defined shared resources such as licenses, the configuration of job submission and execution environments, dynamic cluster configurations, etc. The system administrator will also learn helpful hints and tips and develop fundamental troubleshooting skills.


Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

Course Outline

  • Platform LSF site-defined resources
  • Platform LSF checkpoint, rerun, and migration
  • External job submission and execution controls
  • Job groups and job dependencies
  • Platform LSF resource reservations
  • Platform LSF job environment
  • Application profiling
  • Dynamic servers and floating clients
  • Managing multiple Platform LSF clusters
  • Patch installer
  • LSF session scheduler
  • Live reconfiguration
  • Compute unit
  • CPU/Memory/Affinity -new feature
  • LSF Alternative Resource Requirements - new feature
  • Guarantee SLA capabilities

You should have taken:

  • IBM Platform LSF Basic Configuration and Administration
  • Or have equivalent working experience with LSF

You should:

  • Be familiar with UNIX/Linux and
  • Have basic UNIX/Linux system administration experience
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