IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production V5.3.2 (F2930G)

IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production V5.3.2 (F2930G)


Duration : 6 Days

This course is designed to show you how to migrate and deploy Case Manager solutions from development to preproduction and production. Participants use a system with two instances of IBM Case Manager to practice the skills that are required by solution builders and administrators to migrate and deploy solutions from one environment to another.


  • Describe the Case Manager solution deployment process
  • Migrate and deploy basic Case Manager solutions
  • FileNet Deployment Manager essentials
  • Migrate and deploy advanced Case Manager solutions

Course Outline

Unit 1 Solution deployment process overview

  • Overview of IBM Case Manager environments
  • Migrating and deploying basic solutions
  • Migrating and deploying advanced solution applications
  • What are the phases of solution deployment?


Unit 2 Migrate and deploy basic solutions

  • Prepare to migrate and deploy a basic solution
  • Migrate a basic solution
  • Stage and import a basic solution
  • Deploy a migrated basic solution
  • Post-deployment configuration
  • Verify the solution deployment


Unit 3 Introduction to FileNet Deployment Manager

  • What is FileNet Deployment Manager?
  • FileNet Deployment Manager basics
  • Deploying assets with FileNet Deployment Manager


Unit 4 Migrate and deploy advanced solutions

  • Prepare for advanced solution migration and deployment
  • Export other FileNet P8 assets
  • Export other IBM and external assets
  • Import other FileNet P8 assets
  • Import other IBM assets
  • Experience processing cases in Case Client or F2900 IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2)
  • Experience building solutions with Case Builder or F2910 Build a Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2)
  • Experience applying security to solutions or F2920 Case Manager Security (V5.3.2)
  • Experience configuring IBM Content Navigator desktops or F270G Content Navigator Introduction
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