IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1 - Workflow application deployment (F237G)

IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1 - Workflow application deployment (F237G)


Duration : 1 Day

This course trains:

The skills that are needed to deploy FileNet workflow applications from one environment to another.

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Upon completion of this course, participants are able to:

  • Understand the process of moving FileNet Workflow applications.
  • Prepare for workflow application deployment.
  • Export the application assets or extract the application assets from an application package.
  • Analyze the impact of the deployment on the destination environment.
  • Import the application assets and complete the application deployment.
  • Use the FileNet Deployment Manager command line interface.Upon completion of this course, participants are able to:

Course Outline

1. How to move FileNet workflow applications

  • Elements of a FileNet workflow application
  • Understand the migration and deployment process
  • What are the deployment phases?
  • What tools are used for application deployment?


2. Prepare for application deployment

  • Assemble deployment instructions.
  • Identify the FileNet application artifacts and assets.
  • Verify source and destination environment compatibility.


3. Export the application assets

  • Export FileNet P8 domain assets
  • Create or update export manifest
  • Export assets to a deployment dataset
  • Extract the source environment half maps
  • Create a deployment package


4. Export other IBM and external assets

  • Export user interface assets


5. Convert and analyze the FileNet P8 assets


6. Prepare the destination environment

  • Extract the destination environment half maps


7. Create a source-destination pair definition

  • Create the conversion data maps


8. Converting assets for import

  • Perform a change impact analysis


9. Import the application assets

  • Import pre-requisite assets
  • Import FileNet P8 assets
  • Import non-FileNet P8 assets


10. Use the FDM command line interface

  • Introduction to the command line interface
  • Deployment operations


11. Appendix

  • Solutions to Exercises.
  • Start and Stop System Components.

Prior knowledge that is required:

  • Basic knowledge of organization’s business process applications.
  • Basic knowledge of database technology.
  • PCs, networks, and their organization’s server operating systems at the expert level

Prerequisite courses:

  • F115G IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2: Implementation and Administration
  • F230G IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Introduction
  • F231G IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Configure the workflow system
  • F232G IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Workflow security
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