IBM Enterprise Records 5.1 - System Administration (F175G)

IBM Enterprise Records 5.1 - System Administration (F175G)


Duration: 4 days

This course is for those who administer and maintain an IBM Enterprise Records system.

You work with a fully functioning IBM Enterprise Records system to practice the skills required for system configuration, administration, and system maintenance.


  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer, configure, and maintain an IBM Enterprise Records system.

Course Outline

  • Identify the capabilities of IBM Enterprise Records
  • Identify the role of IBM Enterprise Records in an enterprise compliance solution
  • Identify and search for records that are ready for disposition
  • Initiate disposition
  • Declare electronic records
  • Create a disposition schedule
  • Add alternate retentions
  • Work with file plan containers
  • Work with holds
  • Configure an object store for record declaration
  • Create a record class that allows property mapping from document to record
  • Enable editable link classes
  • Create and use a new link class
  • Modify security on a category
  • Control access to IBM Enterprise Records assets and functionality from IBM FileNet Workplace
  • Create and use a new marking set
  • Export and import a file plan
  • Configure multiple instances of Disposition Sweep
  • Configure an instance of Hold Sweep
  • Configure automatic destruction of records
  • Enable and configure auditing
  • View and export audit logs
  • Enable metadata retention on the file plan
  • Export and delete retained metadata from the production system
  • Automate record declaration

You should complete: 

  • IBM FileNet P8 5.0: Prerequisite Skills using Workplace XT (F141G)
  • IBM FileNet P8 Administration 4.5 (F0420)
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