Effective RACF Administration (BE87G)

Effective RACF Administration (BE87G)


Duration: 5 days

Duration : 5 Days

This course prepares you to be a more effective security administrator as you gain experience and confidence in using the RACF component of the z/OS Security Server. To reinforce lectures, the course offers hands-on exercises where you use the RACF component of the z/OS Security Server to define users, set up group structures, define general resources, protect z/OS data sets, and use several RACF utilities.


Course Objectives:

  • Identify the security requirements of a system  
  • Evaluate the facilities and options of RACF   
  • Define users to RACF   
  • Set up a RACF group structure   
  • Use RACF to protect resources   
  • Select options to tailor RACF   
  • Evaluate and implement RACF database and performance options 
  • Identify tools available for auditing 
  • Administer the system so that it is consistent with the installation's security goals  

Course Content


Day 1

Unit 1 - Security and RACF overview

Unit 2 - Administering groups and users

  • Exercise 1 - Log on to the lab system
  • Exercise 2 - Defining a RACF group structure
  • Exercise 3 - User administration

Day 2

  • Exercise review

Unit 2 - Administering groups and users (continued)

  • Exercise 4 - Delegating security administration

Unit 3 - Protecting z/OS data sets

  • Exercise 5 - Protecting z/OS data sets: Part 1

Day 3

  • Exercise 5 - Protecting z/OS data sets: Part 1 (continued)
  • Exercise 6 - Protecting z/OS data sets: Part 2 Exercise review

Unit 4 - Introduction to user administration and delegation and general resources

  • Exercise 7 - Password reset granularity

Unit 5 - RACF database, tables, and performance options

Day 4

Unit 6 - RACF utilities and exits

Unit 7 - RACF options

Unit 8 - Auditing the RACF environment

  • Exercise 8 - Using RACF for TSO administration (Optional)
  • Exercise 9 - RACF utilities (Optional)
  • Exercise 10 - RACF monitoring

Day 5

  • Exercise review

Unit 9 - Storage management and RACF

Unit 10 - Security for JES facilities

Unit 11 - Security classification

This course is not applicable for any Certifications.


  • You should be familiar with the facilities of the system, logging on to TSO and using ISPF. A knowledge of resources like data sets, DASD volumes, and programs is required to get the most benefit from the course. This knowledge might be obtained by attending Fundamental System Skills in z/OS (ES10), or consider taking Basics of z/OS RACF Administration (ES19) instead of this course. ES19 spends the first day covering these prerequisites and provides a more basic understanding of RACF than Effective RACF Administration (BE87).    
  • You might also find it beneficial to attend z/OS Security Server RACF, Implementation and Customization (SZ81) to learn the implementation and customization of the z/OS security server RACF.


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