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IBM Campaign 10.x Fundamentals (9U33G)


Duration: 2 days

This course explores the basics of designing, building and running a marketing campaign using IBM Campaign. This course prepares you to create the following components of IBM Campaign: Campaigns, flowcharts, offers, offer lists and table catalogs. A thorough set of hands-on course exercises is a major component of the course.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:     

  • Navigate the IBM Campaign user interface  
  • Access your marketing data in IBM Campaign via table mappings and catalogs  
  •  Design, build, test, schedule and run Campaign flowcharts  
  •  Create and assign offers  
  •  View flowchart reports and flowchart logs


The following topics will be covered during this course:

Day 1:  Course Overview and Logistics  IBM Marketing Software User Interface  Campaign & Flowchart Basics  Getting Started with Batch Flowcharts  Merge & Segment Processes  Additional Flowchart Features

Day 2:  How to Create Offers and Offer Lists  How to Assign Offers in Batch Flowcharts  Audience Levels & Table Mapping  Shared Objects & Other Query Features  Other Process Box Types  Flowchart Run Options & Flowchart Report


This course is appropriate for individuals who will build, edit, audit or oversee IBM Campaign flowcharts.


Before taking this course, participants should have a fundamental understanding of database marketing.



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