IBM B2B Advanced Communications v (6M01G)


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This 2 day course is designed for end users and administrators to explain the installation, configuration, and trading partner communications via AS2 and AS4.

This course provides hands-on exercises using a provided VMware image, along with informational content.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe B2B Advanced Communications and its place in integration solutions.
  • Summarize the main features of B2B Advanced Communications
  • Review B2BAC components
  • List the additional software applications and components that are needed by B2B Advanced Communications
  • Navigate through the UI
  • Create a data exchanges to send and receive messages to and from your message partner via AS2
  • Discover ebMS 3.0 and AS4
  • Build an exchange profile to trigger an AS4 pull


Course Outline

Unit 1. Introduction to B2BAC

Unit 2. Components and Topology

Unit 3. Installation

Unit 4. Navigating the UI

Unit 5. AS2

Unit 6. AS4


The audience of this course includes B2B Administrators and End Users.


Before taking this course, students should have a:

  • Sound knowledge and experience with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • A basic understanding of different network protocols
  • Experience with AS2.
  • Familiarity with Websphere MQ.



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