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1W710G - IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Data Scientists v1.0


Duration: 1 day

This course teaches data scientists how to use the data science capabilities of IBM Integrated Analytics System, using Watson Studio, RStudio, Spark, and in-database analytics. 


Please refer to course overview


Data scientists, data miners, statisticians, researchers, business analysts performing statistical modeling


Unit 1 Introduction to IBM Integrated Analytics System 

  • IIAS software overview 
  • IIAS hardware overview 
  • IIAS technologies overview 
  • IIAS architecture overview

Unit 2 Introduction to Watson Studio on IBM Integrated Analytics System 

  • Explore the community 
  • Identify the role of projects 
  • Identify analytic assets 
  • Identify environments 
  • Identify jobs 
  • Identify collaborators

Unit 3 Work with notebooks 

  • Work with notebooks 
  • Load data into a notebook 
  • Build a model 
  • Save a model 
  • Deploy a model

Unit 4 Work with R and RStudio 

  • Describe the RStudio component of IBM Integrated Analytics System 
  • Describe the data science capabilities of the RStudio component 
  • Use RStudio to create and deploy a model

Unit 5 Optimize performance 

  • In-database analytics versus in-application analytics 
  • Explore in-database analytics using R and Python 
  • Identify analytic stored procedures


  • Familiarity with basic concepts in data science (machine learning models, scoring, deployment)
  • Basic knowledge of notebooks
  • Basic knowledge of Python and/or R



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