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Trainocate and EXIN are in strategic partners to create better awareness of Agile SCRUM and DevOps Programs.

Agile Working is no longer just for software development teams. Demand for increased business value and the ability to respond to customer needs more efficiently has led to other departments adopting the Agile Way of Working. This has led to scrum teams popping up across different organizations and business units.

DevOps enables organizations to decrease time to market for new releases, software, or services by encouraging a collaborative approach from development and operations teams. The adoption of DevOps creates an environment where productivity is increased through the automation of processes around infrastructure and workflows.

Agile Scrum Training Course
The objective of this training is to prepare the candidate for the Scrum Master Certification exam, methodologies to manage software develop ...
EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation
EASF - EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation
DevOps Professional
035079S - DevOps Professional
DevOps Master
035080S - DevOps Master