Enterprise Backup Recovery

Enterprise Backup Recovery


Course Overview

Course Duration : 5 Days

The Enterprise Backup Recovery Design (EBRD) course educates participants on considerations and practices to design backup recovery solution for classic and virtualized data center environments. The course also focuses on design considerations for data deduplication, Cloud backup, data archiving, and replication solutions. It takes an ‘open’ approach focusing on technologies, concepts and practices rather than specific products. To provide context, the course utilizes best-of-breed EMC product examples and case studies. Upon completing this course, participants will have the knowledge to design more robust and efficient backup recovery infrastructure for their organization, customers, and partners.


Course Objectives

Learn design practices and considerations for backup and recovery solution in both physical and virtualized environments as well as design practices for deduplication, data archive and replication solutions.

Course Content

Module 1: Business Continuity (BC) Project Lifecycle

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis

  • Developing BC Strategy and Solutions

  • Business Value Analysis

  • Implementation and Validation

Module 2: Backup and Recovery Design

  • Backup Strategy Considerations

  • Backup Infrastructure Design

  • Backup in NAS Environment and Server Configuration Backup

  • Backup Solution Migration

  • Backup Management Considerations

Module 3: Data Deduplication Design

  • Deduplication Options

  • Deduplication Sizing Considerations

Module 4: Backup Design in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

  • Backup Design in Virtualized Environments

  • Cloud-based Backup

Module 5: Data Archiving Design

  • Data Archiving Solution Considerations

  • Archiving Storage Design

  • Cloud Archiving Design Considerations

Module 6: Designing Replication Solution

  • Host-based Replication Considerations

  • Array-based Local and Remote Replication Considerations

  • Network Considerations for Remote Replication

  • Network-based Replication Considerations

  • Replication in Virtualized Environment

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Prior to attending this course, you should have attended the following course(s):

  • EMC Information Storage and Management (EMCISA) OR EMC Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture (EMCBA)

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