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XenServer 6.5 SP1 Administration

XenServer 6.5 SP1 Administration


Course Overview

Duration: 5 Days

Designed for students without previous XenServer experience.

This course provides the skills necessary to effectively design, deploy, manage and support Citrix XenServer 6.5 SP1. Configure a complete enterprise solution – covering everything from installation to advanced troubleshooting in a virtual lab environment.


Course Objectives

In this course, students will learn the skills necessary to configure and administer a XenServer 6.5 SP1 environment, including topics such as:

  • Understanding XenServer architecture, features, edition and entitlements

  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

  • Installing and Configuring XenServer

  • Managing the XenServer Environment • Configuring Resource Pools

  • Configuring High Availability / Disaster Recovery

  • Creating and Managing Networks

  • Configuring Storage

  • Configuring Security

  • Understanding Sizing and Design Impact

  • Troubleshooting the XenServer Environment

Course Content

Module 1: XenServer Architecture

  • Describing the XenServer virtualization platform

  • Product editions and entitlements

  • XenServer architecture

  • XenServer key components

Module 2: Managing Virtual Machines

  • Virtualization techniques

  • XenTools

  • Creating virtual machines

  • Managing virtual machines

  • Understanding vApps

  • Managing snapshots

Module 3: Installing XenServer

  • Hardware requirements

  • Licensing

  • Available installation methods

  • XenServer supplemental packs

Module 4: Managing a XenServer Environment

  • Deploying hotfixes

  • Upgrading XenServer

  • Upgrading XenTools

  • Monitoring and alerting

  • Pool metadata backups

Module 5: Resource Pools

  • Understanding resource pools

  • XenServer pool master

  • Pool master election

  • Workload balancing

Module 6: Networking

  • XenServer networking architecture

  • Virtual network types

  • Network interface bonds

  • XenServer physical connectivity

Module 7: Storage

  • XenServer storage architecture

  • Understanding thick and thin provisioning

  • Storage locations

  • File based and block based storage

  • Storage multipathing

  • XenServer Intellicache

  • XenServer in-memory read caching

Module 8: High Availability

  • Purpose of high availability

  • High availability recommendations

  • Detecting a host failure

  • High availability recovery process

Module 9: Security

  • Integrating with Active Directory

  • Understanding role-based access

  • Minimizing the attack surface

  • Certificates and SSL with XenServer

Module 10: Sizing and Optimizations

  • Dom0 sizing

  • Dom0 in-memory reach caching

  • Virtual CPU optimization

  • Device pass-through

  • Dynamic memory control

  • Resource scheduling

  • Network QoS

  • Disk prioritization

Module 11: Troubleshooting

  • XenServer maintenance mode

  • Host logs and event notifications

  • Xsconsole

  • XenTop

  • Command line and PowerShell commands

  • Using Citrix Insight Services

  • Network tracing

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