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Technical Deep Dive on Cisco Identity Services Engine v1.5 (TDDISE15)

Technical Deep Dive on Cisco Identity Services Engine v1.5 (TDDISE15)


Duration : 3 days
This course is a 3 day Instructor Led training which focuses on the new features introduced in Identity Services Engine version 2.4. ISE is now equipped with better dashboards that make it very easy to see the different kinds of endpoints, users, devices, and Operating Systems in the network and the ability to create customized dashboards. Easy Connect simplifies network authorization without implementing 802.1x on the endpoints, wired or wireless. Threat Centric NAC allows threat-centric network access control via ISE policy for vulnerability and threat detection utilizing Cisco Advanced Malware Protection pushing high fidelity Indications of Compromise (IoC) to ISE. This allows ISE to change the privilege and context of an endpoint dynamically, notifying the network and other applications of the change so that access to resources can be restricted. Cisco Rapid Threat Containment supports the integration of Cisco ISE 2.4 with Cisco Firepower Management Center to automatically and dynamically contain threats before they spread further in the network. Finally, integrating the ISE with Stealthwatch gives more and deeper visibility of any anomalies that occurs in the network and remediates accordingly.


  • Understand about the new features of Cisco ISE 
  • Learn about the different personas of ISE 
  • Experience the simplicity of enforcing policies for dynamic workforce 
  • Witness the power of visibility to deeper-level possible in the network 
  • Understand the requirement of end-users without compromising security 
  • Quarantining the modern day threats automatically combining ISE and Firepowe
1.Overview – New User Interface
           a. Enhanced User interface
           b. Customizable Dashboard
           c. Streamlined Visibility Wizard
           d. Context Visibility
           e. Work Centres
2. Personas of ISE
3. Overview on Integration of ISE with External Identity Sources
4. Overview on 802.1x and MAC Address Bypass authentication methods
5. Implementing Authorization using EAP Chaining
6. Easy Connect
          a. 802.1x complications 
          b. Access using Easy Connect
7. Guest services and Self Service
          a. Sponsor Portal and guest user creation
          b. Guest Access
          c. Self-registration
          d. Social Media Login
8. TrustSec and TACACS+
          a. Understanding TrustSec and Security Group Tags
          b. Preparing ISE for TrustSec Communication
          c. TACACS+ with Cisco IOS Overview
9. Rapid Threat Containment
          a. PxGrid - Overview
          b. Richer Visibility
          c. Advanced threat sensors
          d. Firepower Management Center
           i. Network threat enforcement
          ii. Quarantine
10. Integrating StealthWatch
          a. Configure Flexible Netflow
          b. Segmentation of the network using Trustsec
          c. Threat control and mitigation
11. Threat Centric NAC
          a. Vulnerability and Threat assessment
          b. Supported Third party vendors
          c. Configuring Threat Centric NAC with AMP and Posture services
12. BYOD On-boarding policies with MDM
13. Reporting
14. Summary
CCNP Security certified or equivalent knowledge.
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