Securing WAN Workshop v1.0 (SWANW10)

Securing WAN Workshop v1.0 (SWANW10)


The Securing WAN and SD-WAN 1-day workshop provides what is available from Cisco;s portfolio of solution to secure the Branch office and Software Defined WAN. Attendees will have the opportunity to go through preliminary design and implementation guidance for organizations looking to deploy an enterprise network that delivers an uncompromised secured user experience over any WAN connection. There is a plethora of security solutions that Cisco offers to have a secure WAN connectivity like DMVPN, Zone-based Firewall, Stealth watch, Cisco Umbrella, Snort IPS, FirePOWER and Introduction to Software Defined WAN. The course is focused on real world use cases which attendees can easily understand and relate.


  • Overview & Introduction to Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) ? Transport Independent DMVPN designs ? PfR ? Application Optimization - WAAS ? Introduction to APIC-EM ? IWAN App from APIC-EM ? Plug n Play App
  • Understanding Cisco Transport-Independence ? Provider flexibility; Scalable and modular design;
  • Consistent operational model ? Technology: DMVPN/IPsec overlay design 
  • Implementing a Highly Secure Connectivity using Cisco Security Solutions ? Certified strong encryption; Comprehensive threat defense; Scalable direct Internet access ? Technologies: Zone-Based Firewall 
  • Monitoring Anomalies and containment of threat ? Constant visibility over the network and ensuring the compliance across the entire network ? Technologies: StealthWatch
  • Securing Branch office with DIA ? Providing Directing Internet access to the branch offices without needing them to go via HQ thru WAN link ? Technology: Cisco Umbrella
Course Outline
  • Overview and Understanding of Cisco Security solutions,Cisco ISR Application Experience (AX) and Cisco ONE for WAN Security

  • Secure Connectivity

      - Cisco TrustSec

      - DMVPN for secure and costeffective Branch office connections.

    - Zone Based Firewall (ZBFW) tosimplify the implementation of multiple ACLs and reduces the overhead.

      - Snort IPS

  • StealthWatch

  • Intelligent Branch

     - Securing the Branch users beyondthe Firewall – Cisco Umbrella

  • Introduction to SD-WAN

Attendeesfocused on lab will need Routing and Switching networking knowledge preferablyat CCNA and/or CCNP working knowledge and experience.
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