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SSFAMP - Protecting Against Malware Threats with Cisco AMP for Endpoints (SSFAMP)


Duration: 3 days
The Protecting Against Malware Threats with Cisco AMP for Endpoints is an instructor-led, lab-based, hands-on course offered by Cisco® Learning Services. It is a lab-intensive course that introduces students to the powerful features of Cisco AMP for Endpoints software. You will learn about the operational use of the product through a number of step-by-step attack scenarios.


You'll learn how to build and manage a Cisco AMP for Endpoints deployment, create policies for endpoint groups, and deploy connectors. You will also analyze malware detection using powerful tools available in the AMP for Endpoints console. This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy and manage an AMP for Endpoints deployment.


Module 1: Introduction to Cisco AMP Technologies
Module 2: AMP for Endpoints Overview and Architecture
Module 3: Console Interface and Navigation
Module 4: Using AMP for Endpoints
Module 5: Detecting an Attacker— A Scenario Module 6: Modern Malware Module 7: Analysis
Module 8: Analysis Case Studies
Module 9: Outbreak Control
Module 10: Endpoint Policies
Module 11: Groups and Deployment
Module 12: AMP REST API Module 13: Accounts


  • Security Administrators 
  • Security Consultants 
  • Network Administrators 
  • Systems Engineers 
  • Technical Support 
  • Personnel Channel Partners


Cisco recommends that you have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:
  • Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture 
  • Technical understanding of security concepts and protocols



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