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Integrating OpenStack with Cisco UCS Director v1.0 (ODI10)

Integrating OpenStack with Cisco UCS Director v1.0 (ODI10)


Duration 2 Days

This course intends to cover from a technical perspective to understand integration of OpenStack with Cisco UCS Director. Participants will have a better understanding on how to install the core components of OpenStack and automating the launch of an instance using Cisco UCS Director. 


1. Installing Ubuntu
2. Installing and configuring OpenStack core services
Identity service
Image service
Compute service
Networking service
3. Installing and Configuring UCSD
4. Integrating UCS Director with OpenStack
5. Creating Project or tenant in OpenStack Using UCSD
6. Creating Network ,Router, Security Group in OpenStack using UCSD
7. Creating Flavor and Instances in OpenStack using UCSD
8. Fetching Details of Instance and hypervisor From OpenStack

This course is part of the following Certifications:
Basic Linux knowledge and Data center concepts or equivalent industry experience will be an added advantage to understand better of this solution and benefits from technical standpoint.
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