Introduction to Cisco Firepower 2100 Appliances (ICF2100)

Introduction to Cisco Firepower 2100 Appliances (ICF2100)


The course aims to cover the features andbenefits of Cisco’s Firepower Threat Defense solution and in particular, CiscoFirepower 2100 series appliances. Participants will learn about the advantagesthat Cisco Firepower 2100 series can offer to the enterprises in very smallform factor of 1 rack unit size and its limitless capabilities in bringresiliency and protection for businesses. At the end of this session, theparticipants will have a clear understanding on how Cisco Firepower improvesperformance with threat-focused approach without increasing the complexity ofmanaging the solution. The positioning Firepower 2100 series appliances willhelp to decide exactly what suits the best. In addition, the hands-on labactivity will provide them better understanding by experiencing things inaction.


  • Differentiate the Cisco FirepowerThreat Defense 2100 series product portfolio

  • Understand the capabilities of theFirePOWER Threat Defense

  • Configure the FirePOWER ThreatDefense

  • Explore the FirePOWER Management Center

Course Outline

  • Introducing Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defense

  • Overviewof Cisco Firepower 2100 series family

  • Featuresand benefits of Firepower

  • Comparisonof Firepower 2100 models

  • Managementtools

          - Firepower Management Center

          - Firepower Device Manager

  • IPSPolicy Basics

  • NetworkAnalysis Policy

  • EventAnalysis

  • Reporting

  • ConfiguringRate limiting

  • EnablingSafe search feature

  • Packettracing and capturing using Firepower Threat defense

  • Summary

  • CCNA Security or equivalent workexperience.

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