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HXW20 - Cisco HyperFlex Workshop v2.0


Extend the benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases. Cisco HyperFlex™ HX-Series combine compute, storage, and networking into an easy-to-use system that brings new levels of speed and efficiency to IT. This 2 days introduction test drive will enrich the participants with an overview of Hyper convergence technology and its market boom. Pitching on that ground, the aim of this training is to introduce Cisco’s Market leading Hyper convergence solutions called HyperFlex Systems to address all critical and next-gen business needs. Participants will be able to get enough awareness of the Hyper convergence architecture models, product portfolio and on the agility, efficiency, adaptability and compatibility of the Cisco’s HyperFlex systems to get integrated with other Cisco UCS Product family and Cisco’s UCS Director. Additionally, they will also get know the key factors that differs the HyperFlex Systems from the other vendor’s Hyper convergence solution offerings. There will be trainer demonstration and lab session for the participants to gain more insight and to get the feel on how easy it is to deploy, configure and manage the solution.


  • Describe the components that are part of the Cisco HyperFlex solution.
  • Describe the Cisco HyperFlex architecture.
  • Describe the data platform in the Cisco HyperFlex solution.
  • Understanding Cisco HyperFlex Data Optimization
  • Getting to know Cisco UCS HyperFlex Components
  • Perform the pre-installation steps for the Cisco HyperFlex solution.
  • Perform a Cisco HyperFlex installation.
  • Perform post-installation verification of the Cisco HyperFlex solution.
  • Perform data store operations (adding, editing, mounting, unmounting, deleting).
  • Perform snapshot operations (creating, scheduling).
  • Perform ready clone operations (creation, customization).
  • Describe Cisco HyperFlex high availability.
  • Manage Cisco HyperFlex data stores.
  • Data Services and Performance Monitoring
  • Discuss Cisco’s Positioning
  • Knowing Non-Disruptive Operations
  • List and describe other configuration considerations and best practices.
  • Perform HX cluster component troubleshooting procedures.
  • Perform HX cluster and host configuration troubleshooting procedures.
  • Integrating HX Systems with Cisco UCS Director
  • Introducing HX Software release v2.5 and its new features


  • Module 1: Introduction to the Cisco HyperFlex Solution
  • Module 2: Installing Cisco HyperFlex
  • Module 3: Exploring Cisco HyperFlex Operations
  • Module 4: Managing Cisco HyperFlex
  • Module 5: Troubleshooting Cisco HyperFlex


  • CTOs
  • Decision Makers
  • IT Heads




This course is not associated with any Certification.


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