Fundamentals of Cisco ISE v1.0

Fundamentals of Cisco ISE v1.0


Duration : 2 Days

Lackof visibility, uncontrolled access and inability to contain and remediatethreats are the major nightmares of any security engineers when designing anddeploying a robust enterprise network. Cisco’s ISE (Identity Services Engine)is a security policy management platform that automates and enforcescontext-aware security access to network resources. Identity Services Engine deliverssuperior user and device visibility to support enterprise mobility experiencesand to control access. It shares data with integrated partner solutions toaccelerate their capabilities to identify, mitigate, and remediate threats.From this training, the participants will gain enough insights and fundamentalknowledge in designing, deploying and configuring secure network infrastructurewith the help of Cisco’s Identity Services Engine.


In this course you will learn to: 
  • Exploring the enhanceddashboard of ISE

  • Exploring differentPersonas of ISE

  • Overview on Integrating ISEwith External Identity Source

  • Overviewof Access Control Policies 5. Exploring Guest Services

Course Outline

1.Overview – New UserInterface

  • Enhanced User interface

  • Customizable Dashboard

  • Streamlined VisibilityWizard

  • Context Visibility

  • Work Centres

2.Personas of ISE

  • Primary and Secondary forHA

  • Policy Service Node

3.Overview on Policy andAccess Strategic vision

4.Scalability andDeployment

5.Understanding theimportance of visibility in network

6.Compliance is the key

7.Integration of ISE withExternal Identity Sources

8.Access control policies

  • 802.1x

  • MAC Address Bypass

9.Guest Services


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