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DNACW10 - DNA Center Workshop v1.0


Duration: 2 days

In today's fast phased technology, centralized management is the prime requirement for every organization. Cisco Digital Network Architecture offers centralized, intuitive management that makes it fast and easy to design, provision, and apply policies across your network environment. The Cisco DNA Center is Cisco's SDN solution to centrally manage the Enterprise and Campus networks to envision Cisco's intent based networking and software defined access.

DNA Center provides end-to-end network visibility and uses network insights to optimize network performance and deliver the best user and application experience. This course will give participants an opportunity to explore the rich features and working at integration with other Cisco solution.


  • To explore DNA Center features.
  • Overview on integration options.


  1. Why DNAC

  2. How to discover your network

    • Manage Cisco switches

    • Manage Cisco CSR1000v

  3. Manage Mobility Express AP

  4. Understanding Inventory management

  5. Explore Network Topologies

  6. Automation Overview

    • Design

    • Policy

  7. Assurance Overview

    • Integration of DNAC with ISE

    • Integration of DNAC with Stealthwatch


Partners who are new to DNA Center and configuring and onboarding.


  • Basic knowledge on configuring Cisco Routers, Switches, WLC and APs
  • Basic knowledge on ISE
  • Basic knowledge on StealthWatch


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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