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Deep Dive with Cisco Unified Communication Manager (DDCUCM)

Deep Dive with Cisco Unified Communication Manager (DDCUCM)


Duration: 3 days

This 3 days training shall explore the Cisco Unified Communication Manager System. This course teaches the concepts of IP telephony based in system administration, including its function, features, and configuration. This beginner level course provide with basics of IP telephony and helps the learner forward into system concepts understanding like clustering, creation of IP phones and users, route plans and other features. 


Describe about Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) features, using version 12.0.
1. IP Telephony Introduction.
2. Overview of Cisco Collaboration Solution and its Architecture.
3. Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
4. Cisco Unified Communications Manager basic configuration.
5. Managing Users
6. Configuring and Managing Devices.
7. Dial Plan Configuration
8. Class of control
9. Media Resources
10. Report Generation and system management.
11. Implementing Calling Privileges and restrictions.
12. Configuring Call Park, Call Pickup group and Call Back options
13. Exploring Hunt Groups
14. Describing Phone services

Delegates should have following knowledge before attending this course
       â€¢Basics IP and Networking knowledge, preferably should have attended CCNA.

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