Deep Dive Cisco Meeting Server v1.0

Deep Dive Cisco Meeting Server v1.0


Duration : 2 Days

Cisco Meeting Server brings premises-based video, audio, and webcommunication together to meet the collaboration needs of the modern workplace.The solution helps ensure participants receive a consistent, familiar meetingexperience, whether they’re joining a meeting using a Cisco solution orthird-party endpoints. It also scales easily, and can be purchased using ourall-in-one, user-based multiparty licensing offers


  • Configurebasic components of Cisco Meeting Server

  • Build acomprehensive solution using three Cisco Meeting Servers

  • Describeadditional features and licensing, including integration with Skype forBusiness, integrating TMS, Cisco Jabber, Load balancing, recording, managing, monitoringand troubleshooting Duration

Course Outline

1. PerformInitial Configuration

  • AddingLicense File

  • Generateand add CA signed certificate for CMS1 server

  • ConfigureWeb Admin

  • Configurethe Call Bridge

  • ConfigureXMPP

  • Configurethe Web Bridge

  • SynchronizeCMS users from Active Directory

  • EnableMessage board


2. CiscoMeeting App Clients

  • TestInstant Messaging Feature

  • MakingTest Call


3. Skype –CMS Integration

  • VerifySkype Server Configuration

  • ConfigureDial Plan Rule to Call Bridge

  • CallingSkype for Business clients from Cisco Meeting App


4. Jabber –Skype for Business

  • ConfigureForward Dial Plan in Cisco Meeting Server

  • Create aLocal user for Jabber

  • Create aJabber Device

  • MakingTest Call between Jabber and Skype for Business


5. IntegratingCMS and TMS

  • AddCisco Meeting Server to TMS

  • ConfigureConference Default Settings

  • CreateMeeting Space in TMS


6. UnifiedCM Ad-hoc Escalation with CMS

  • ConfigureAd-hoc Conference Bridge in Unified CM

  • CreateMedia Resource Group/List and Assign It to Jabber device

  • TestConference call using Jabber client


7. CMSDatabase-Callbridge Clustering

  • CreateDatabase Master on CMS1

  • AddCMS2, CMS3 To Master

  • CreateCall Bridge Cluster


8. LoadBalancing across Meeting Servers with Call Bridge Groups

  • Createthe Call Bridge Groups

  • EnableLoad-Balancing Limits on the Call Bridges


9. CMS asMeeting Recorder Server

  • Set upRecorder on the Cisco Meeting Server

  • Configure Recorder for Automatic Recording

  • TestAutomatic Recording


10. WebRTCProxy over Expressway

  • Generatea Certificate for CMS Edge Guest URI

  • EnableTURN Services on CMS1 and Expressway-E

  • Enablethe Web Proxy in Expressway-C

  • TestWebRTC from the External Network


11. CiscoMeeting Management

  • Add CMSServers to CMM and manage it

  • MonitoringSMP/PMP Licenses

  • MonitoringSMP/PMP CMS license


12. TroubleshootingCMS

  • TroubleshootCisco Meeting App user login issue

  • Troubleshoot CMS user call issue

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