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Cisco Wireless Workshop v2.0 (CWW20)

Cisco Wireless Workshop v2.0 (CWW20)


Duration: 1 Day

Security being critical component on today’s digitally disrupted workspace, visibility is extremely important parameter to see, identify, mitigate, and quarantine threats and anomalies to protect the network and its resources. The workshop educates the participants on Cisco Stealthwatch and its primary advantages and features that would help the IT to see and act based on the anomalies in the network. Transform your workspace today and future-proof the network with Cisco Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA) and Multi Gigabit Ethernet technology. This 1-day test drive will help you understand how latest 802.11ac Wave 2 innovation, the FRA is designed to provide a better mobile user experience for those unpredicted times of high-density networks at no additional cost while still monitoring the network for threats and interferences. 

With the high demand from the latest Wi-Fi devices, the network needs to deliver beyond 1Gbps speed over existing cable infrastructure. In this workshop participants will learn how by using Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit (mgig) Technology, enterprises will be able manage current capacity and still scale for future needs at minimal cost. Additionally, this training comprises the introduction of the new feature-set for optimized connectivity by Cisco-Apple partnership.


Deploy a Wi-Fi infrastructure configure advanced capabilities in data designs.
Course Content

  • 802.11ac Wave 2 Standard Overview
  • Multigigabit Ethernet Standard Overview
  • Multigigabit Ethernet Use Cases
  • Configuring Multigigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Configuring vWLC and joining 3800 Series AP
  • Configuring for High Density Environment
  • Understanding and Implementing Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA)
  • Overview of Apple-Cisco Wireless innovations – Optimized Connectivity and Fastlane
  • Overview of Stealthwatch being Network-as-a-Sensor
  • Bringing it together with Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Connected Mobility Experience on Cloud.
  • Summary – Further direction
CCNA and CCNP wireless certified or equivalent knowledge
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